Missed opportunities? Nope

Awkward silences? Never

Excuses? Forget it

Front page = Your name

The spotlight? On you

We think A LOT about how to help women+ overcome the obstacles we face. We want to start a community of like-minded women+ with the goals of:

Building confidence. Breaking barriers. Moving women+ up.

This community is called: Quote Me On That.

Join Quote Me On That 

We’re serious about collaborating on the shape of this membership going forward. So that we have a starting point, when you join, your first 3 months of online course content includes:

  • Understanding Your Audience
  •  Personal Branding
  •  South African Media Landscape
  •  Social Media
  • Writing Opinion Pieces
  • Overcoming impostor syndrome
  • Navigating gender dynamics

Become a member today

That’s R500 of savings if you pay your first year upfront to spend on patriarchy-destroying, cinnamon-sprinkled, celebration cupcakes.


Grab the mic when it’s passed to you with the skills and networking you’ll gain from joining Quote This Woman+’s Quote Me On That.
Building confidence.
Breaking barriers.
Moving women+ up.

30-day money-back guarantee (no questions asked except how can we improve)

Once your payment has been processed, you will gain exclusive access to the Quote Me On That platform.

Join today for R250 per month.

What Quote Me On That offers:


Grow from beginner to pro on topics like how to deliver your best interview, dealing with confrontational media and ensuring you deliver key messages.

Peer support system

Connect with a community of likeminded women+ .

Motivation moments

Content from our virtual neighbourhood to fill up your inspiration cup.

Online courses

Pick classes that are relevant to you and learn at your own pace.

Guest speakers

Skill shares and topical presentations on the deep issues women+ face.

Pocket StorySlams

Private storytelling events to practise public speaking skills while getting to know your
Quote Me On That fam.

Join early and influence our community, impact our offering and grow together


“Thank you for the immense support! I have grown substantially and found media engagement during Covid-19 hugely exciting. Being a young female expert AND being quoted is unheard of, but has been possible thanks to Quote This Woman+.”

Dr Shakira Choonara,
Award-winning Independent Health Practitioner

“QW+ has been hugely beneficial in making me feel more comfortable and confident in engaging with the media.”

Dr Atiya Mosam, Public Health Medicine Specialist, (MBBCh, FCPHM, MPH, MMed)
“Thank you so much. [My news coverage] is all because of Quote This Woman+. I have grown so much because of this.”
Professor Glenda Davison, CPUT Department of Biomedical Science

Organisational memberships

Save on your media training budget by buying a year’s worth of memberships for your woman+  team. When traditional media training can cost R8 000 per delegate, it’s a no-brainer to sign women+ staff up for a year’s membership instead, giving them ongoing training and access to our platform for refreshers, in-depth improvement and peer support.

For an organisational membership of 10-19 women+, get a 5% discount. For an organisational membership of 20 or more women+, get a 10% discount

Email agape@quotethiswoman.org.za to enquire about organisational memberships.

You belong in
Quote Me On That if you

  • Struggle with imposter syndrome and want to give it the middle finger
  • Are sick and tired of being talked over in meetings
  • Want to present like a keynote speaker in a Ted Talk
  • Like the idea of being quoted as an expert in the news of the day (your name in print? Heck Yes!)
  • Crave a community of empowered women+ and recognise the value of joining our network
  • Are ready to start the inner work it takes to own your space, your agency, and your voice

Need another reason to join? We’ve partnered with to give our members exclusive masterclasses on writing op-eds.

Have some questions?
Email: kathy@quotethiswoman.org.za

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